Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sshhhhh. . .It's a secreti

I'm going to share a secret with you here.

I'm starting Weight Watchers again.

It's a secret because I don't want anyone to know because I don't want anyone turning into the food police on me. I don't want people commenting on what I do or don't eat. I don't want people to comment on or even notice that I'm losing weight.

All I want to do is focus on eating healthier and in a more deliberate way. I do not want to focus on my weight. Every time I focus on my weight I fuck it all up because I get very resentful that weight seems to be so much more important than health. I hate that people treat me differently when I weigh less. Because people do that I distrust people whom I meet when I weigh less. I assume they treat me nicely because I am not horribly obese. The only people I trust are those who know me fat and like me fat. Then I know they like me for me and that it doesn't have a weight limit. People who like me now are true friends. People who know me but only want to befriend me once I've lost weight can kiss me big bubble butt.

Chip on my shoulder? Yep. You bet.


Fiona said...

Good luck with this TS! I've been thinking about joining WW too, but the whole group effort, rah rah sort of makes me opt out LOL.
I've been dropping a little, slowly, through better diet and exercise - medically required as I've developed diabetes 2.

Whatever your reasons, whatever your trust levels, do this for you. We all know we're healthier when we weigh less so go for it!

All the best :)


Val said...

I went ahead & signed up for a "Weight Loss challenge" at my gym, even though such projects generally have the reverse effect on me - triggering all of my nascent rebellious tendencies!
But it hit at the right time of the month ;-) => I should be able to rack up an initial loss which gives me impetus to get off this damn plateau I've been skating along for the past 11 mos.

(BTW SparkPeople is FREE! Always a good thing for a cheapskate like me)

Drama said...

That's awesome, TS! If you need any help, support just let me know. I'm a WW veteran and know the program quite well.