Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gone Again

J is gone again, maybe for good.

I hadn't heard from him since are last get together other than a quick email exchange when I checked on his welfare after hearing about a murder at the prison where he works. Then a couple days ago I was restless and decided to message him.

When he answered he told me that he and his wife were back together, in counselling, and he'd promised to behave himself. I replied that I would leave him alone then.

So there we are. Life continues just as it always has.

I suppose I'll never learn...

Later update :
I'm watching Bette Davis in Dangerous. Art imitating life. Or life imitating art. Bleah...

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Val said...

Here's an interesting factoid (which I'll get around to blogging about when I have time): out of curiosity today at lunchtime, I Googled an old HS BF (whom I intermittently fantasize about getting back in contact) only to uncover HIS OBITUARY (from Jan '12)
Shock & horror! Now I'll never get to apologize for letting him down so ungracefully.
(He has a very unusual name so I'm certain it was him)