Thursday, September 18, 2014

Held Hostage at the DMV

Poor N.  No he is not being held hostage.  His driver permit is.  He has passed the written exam.  He has paid his $20.  When the driver ed teacher went to pick up the student's permits, the DMV office was closed. 

When he researched why it was closed during its regular business hours he learned that it is a severe air quality issue.  Apparently, several workers have become severely ill, and a hazardous situation was detected when testing at the facility was done.  So the permits are locked up in the facility, and nobody is allowed inside until the company hired to decontaminate the facility arrives on the scene.

I'm pretty sure nobody has seen a sadder nearly 16-year-old boy than N was yesterday.

We are hoping his permit is released soon.

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Val said...

Now THAT'S a tragedy ;-) !!!

(had to fight Ex all summer until he FINALLY signed off on Z's DL - I had a bad feeling all along that M would use the fact that HE was the parent who signed Z up for driver's ed against him AND me...)