Monday, March 09, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

  • Changing to Daylight Savings Time sucks, particularly when you are already spending your weekend one time zone to the east of home.

  • It is not particularly pleasant to drive more than 150 miles facing head winds upwards of 40 mph

  • Having a particularly nasty headache that prevents you from sleeping much the night before can make both of the above items even less pleasant.

  • Flipping the bird to a jackass in a big ass truck blocking traffic by insisting on backing into a space into which his truck barely fit in the crowded parking lot of the basketball tournament and knowing he saw both the gesture and the nasty look on your face can be exceedingly satisfying, at least for a moment.

  • Having your son tell you “I wish I never had to spend time with you ever again” does not make you feel better about spending your weekend taking him to a (final of the season thankfully) basketball tournament 150 miles from home.

  • Dumping your son on your ex as soon as you return home so that you can take a nice long nap can make you feel better, at least a little.

  • Blogging about it so that the whole world knows just how shitty your weekend was can also make you feel better.

  • Now that basketball season is over, spring soccer is here. I think I now understand why my parents never encouraged us to play sports when we were kids. Well, lack of coordination and athletic skills may also have had something to do with it, but the travel and time commitment must have been at least a factor in it.


Desmond Jones said...

Hey, you were in my time zone, and didn't even say Hi? ;)

And, with my TinyCar, I know all about long drives into a headwind. You have my sympathy. . .

Sailor said...

Sometimes, the timing and running for the activities, makes me wonder why we had kids at all... or at least, what the h*&* were we thinking, when we encouraged them to participate in sports, clubs, scouts, etc.

Hope the nap helped!

Val said...

Yes, after our last Miserable Experience at the all-day ordeal of a wrestling tourney [& I only had to drive 60 mi for that!], I am not suggesting any more sports-related activities to Z unless he desperately desires 'em... [These days if they had a division for Competitive Lego Building, I'm sure he'd win the gold medal!]