Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why Life Sucks

Wouldn't you just know it? About the time I get sort of comfy somewhere along comes the big surprise. And the surprise is never good. The surprise always sucks the air right out of ya'.

Recently it was announced that my employer has lost its largest contract. This will mean layoffs. No details have yet been announced. But hec, I can put the pieces together and see that my position is in seriopus jeapordy given that at my level I have least seniority.

So hooray for me. Almost 50 and almost unemployed.

At least I'll have more time for blogging if I lose my job. Right?


Val said...

I hope that you will dodge that bullet - one of my friends just got canned by BoA after 25 yrs, so you can't count on seniority.
(Hubby is job-hunting again too - the computer bidness is certainly cutthroat!)

Craig said...

Scary stuff (I was in a similar place just a couple years ago). But survivable, if you can just keep from freaking out. . .