Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The "Leave It to Meme" Meme

1. Who was your FIRST date? Not naming names on here, but his initials were TMH. Our first date consisted of us meeting at the movie theater to see a matinee (I have no idea what was showing) where he put his arm around me. He walked me home. It was the start of many weekend matinees to come.

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? Occasionally. I was hoping he’d be at our high school reunion last weekend, but he wasn’t.

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? A sip of Cold Duck when I was in eighth grade and spent New Year’s Eve with a friend and her mom let each of us have a tiny sip at midnight.

4. What was your FIRST job? Babysitting for the single mom who lived two doors down from my house.

5. What was your FIRST car? 1968 Maroon Buick LeSabre with black vinyl interior and no A/C.

6. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? To Miami for a job interview.

7. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk? Again no names but her initials were TR, and we were best friends when we were preschoolers. After my family moved after first grade we lost touch, and by the time I was old enough to try to track her down her family had moved so no, we don’t still talk.

8. Whose wedding did you attend the FIRST time? My dad’s secretary’s where I was the flower girl. I think I was four at the time. It was a traditional Catholic wedding so it was a very long time for a little girl to stay quiet and still. I remember one of the bridesmaids kept making me turn back around to face the front instead of looking at all the people out in the pews.

9. Tell us about your FIRST roommate. My first roommate’s name was Mary Sue, and it was our freshman year in college. To me her name sounded like such a nice down to earth name that I expected a nice down to earth girl. Instead I got a “rich bitch from hell” who wanted nothing to do with me because I abhorred sororities and fraternities, and she was the ultimate sorority bitch.

10. If you had one wish, what would it be (other than more wishes)? That N could learn the lessons one learns through hurtful experiences without having to actually have the hurtful experiences.

11. What is something you would learn if you had the chance? How to ride a motorcycle.

12. Did you marry the FIRST person you were in love with? No.

13. What were the first lessons you ever took and why? Piano lessons. . . when I was three. . . because my mom tired of listening to me pound on her precious piano so she decided to teach me how to play. Because of that I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t know how to read music or play the piano. It feels as though it is as natural as speaking English, the kind of thing you know you learned but don’t remember the process of learning it.

14. What is the first thing you do when you get home? Take off my shoes. I hate to wear shoes and even kick them off at work when I can, on planes, anytime I think I can get away with it. If I could, I would go barefoot all summer like I used to when I was a kid.

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