Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yes, I’ve Probably Gone Round the Bend

I submit to you as evidence of the title’s claim the following:
  • I have requested an application to be a visiting student next semester at a local seminary and am seriously and prayerfully considering attending seminary to become an ordained minister depending in part on how this first class goes.

  • I am attending my high school reunion this weekend (class of ’79) and am terrified that I will still, 30 years later, be the loser nerd in the corner to whom nobody speaks.

  • I am letting N get his ear pierced and have agreed to get my ears pierced with a second set of holes at the same time. Just what I need, more holes in my head.


Val said...

"I am letting N get his ear pierced" - Wow! I had to beg & plead to get mine done @ age 12...
- your conservative friend
[even if Z were clamoring for the same, I don't think he could wear an earring at his school]

Fusion said...

You're being a cool Mom, and N better know it!