Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short Post

I guarantee this will be a short post because I'm creating it on my phone. I hate typing with my thumbs on this little tiny keyboard. Apologies in advance for typos that may occur due to my lack of thunb coordination.

Life rolls on. W remains W. N remains a 12 yr old boy with all that entails. TS2 remains untouchableand unaware of my feelings even though that gets difficult as she admires one woman or another. Sigh. . . J recently emailed me, first time in many months, maybe even a year. I don't suppose either of us will ever get over the other completely. Somehow I think there is an unbreakable connection there. BJ and I spoke for a while a couple of months ago. But then he fell off the face of the earth apparently. M occasionally texts me. So many men, so little relationship.

Church is good. A haven. I suppose that is what church should be. I agreed to head up a major committee this year. Hopefully that won't dampen my enthusiasm for church as only behind the scenes involvement can.

Work is work. Boss is still clueless. Love when he forces himself to chitchat with me in an effort to inspire a more teamlike atmosphere. (Note heavy sarcasm)

My typing ability has hit the wall. More update later from. A real keyboard.


Val said...

Any post is better than nuthin'!
I'm in awe of your ability to post from yr phone; I'm still finding out what-all I can do w/my (Xmas) iPhone (thanks Hubby)...

Cocotte said...

Thanks for the update. Wishing you a happy 2011.