Monday, June 16, 2008

But Nobody Warned Me About Saturday the 14th

Friday the 13th went off without a hitch, smooth as could be. Silly superstitions.

Then came Saturday the 14th. Oh sure it started just fine. Slept in. Had a slow sleepy morning. Had coffee. Finally got dressed. Went out for breakfast (brunch? lunch?) after 1:00 in the afternoon. Helped BJ find some stuff at a garage sale for his apartment. Went back to BJ's apartment and just hung out. We intended to go to a movie on Saturday night. We headed out.

Then IT happened. Proof positive that it is never good to be too happy or too comfortable because inevitably something will happen to bring you back down. Yes, I proved once again just clumsy I can be. I took a header off the top of the front steps at BJ's apartment building. Fortunately there were only two steps. Unfortunately, they are made of concrete, really sturdy hard unforgiving concrete. I scraped my right knee and right shin. I scraped and bruised my left palm just a little. And then, there was my left leg. Oh heavens don't I wish I didn't have that left leg. It has a scrape about an inch and a half wide from the knee to halfway down the shin. It was also pretty sore that night. Needless to say we missed our movie, and BJ took very good care of me that night. He asked if I thought I should go to the ER and I said no. I really thought it wasn't anything more than some scrapes and bruising.

So Sunday I got up and drove home. I was surprised how painful the left leg was. To put weight on it is virtually unbearable. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain when I put the left leg down is around an 8 or 9. I decided, finally, in the afternoon that maybe I ought to call the nurseline to see if I should be concerned about a possible break. Her advice was to go to urgent care and be seen, but that I should be driven by another adult. So I called BJ, and when he arrived we were standing in the front hallway preparing to leave when I, in my best drama queen fashion, fainted. He called 911 and soon I was on my way to the ER. They checked me out, determined the fainting was probably due to a combo of the pain and not having eaten much that day, and the x-rays showed no breaks in the leg. God bless him, BJ stayed with me through two boring hours in the ER, and then went and got my prescription filled for the pain meds the doctor prescribed. He also took me through a drive thru to get some dinner. He took me home, helped me settle in and even fed the dog for me. BJ was a true angel.

Today I'm at home, miserable, but I'm thinking that I'll have to find a way to bear the pain and take care of myself and N. I have no other choice. I'm glad it's time for another pain pill.


Fusion said...

Give it a week, and you should be feeling all better, or almost all better!

I took a nasty fall in Australia, was off my feet a couple days, and it took a few months before I was better. If I hadn't been wearing my hiking boots I think I would have broken my ankle though.

The Silent Male said...

Wow, I am glad for you that BJ was there to help. Take care of you.

Val said...

Jeez Louise, accidents DO happen, don't they?!?
I hope you are over that "hump" (stiffness/soreness should peak after 3 - 4 d) & on the mend soonest...
Analgesics are God's gift.

BJ said...

I'm just glad you're getting better.

Trueself said...

Fuse - It's hell being old. It used to be I could fall all over the place and bounce right back. Now, not so much.

SM - I was very glad BJ was there for me too. I'm not sure how I'd have made it without him.

Val - Well, apparently they do to me! 2008 is not a good year for me physically so far.

BJ - Me too! And I will forever be grateful for you being there for me when I needed you. So much better than when you were 400 miles away.

Bunny said...

Ouch!!! I hate when things that seem no big get worse as time goes by. That's what happened with my elbow two weeks ago. I fell, but thought it was okay. I ended up at the doctor two days later in ridiculous pain. Turned out I sprained my elbow. I didn't even know one could sprain an elbow. They told me six to eight weeks before it would heal. Yipes! It probably would get better if I would just use the dumb sling they gave me. But I can't do stuff in sling! Though perhaps that is the point . . .

Hope you feel better quickly HUGS

freebird said...

And another 'Ouch!"
Poor TS. See, I leave you alone for a few days and look what you do!

Hope you're feeling better now.


Trueself said...

Bunny - Sorry to hear about your elbow. Being in pain is no fun no matter what body part is affected. Hope you're feeling better soon.

FB - See what happens when you don't keep tabs on me?