Friday, June 20, 2008

Up Next: Another Episode of "Let's Talk Sex" with TS and N

The worst part of telling your child that you are open to answering any questions he may have about his body's private parts and how they work and what they are for is that the child feels free to come and ask you all manner of questions.

Tonight's topic: Erections.

Yes, N wanted to discuss erections, hard ons, stiffies, boners. Why do they happen when he sees a girl that he thinks is pretty? Is there any way to control them? What if a girl sees that he has one? What would happen if his teacher noticed he had one? What are they for anyway? Why do you have to have one to have sex? Why can't you pee when you have one? As a woman I had no idea the amount of thought a boy of nine could devote to one subject. Where was the little boy who flits from topic to topic? Nope, not tonight. Tonight we probably spent a good 20 minutes on the. . . (wait for it. . . it's so bad. . . a really bad double entendre here. . .) ins and outs of erections.

True to my word I answered each and every question to the best of my ability. I must be doing something right. After all, if he's comfortable enough to discuss topics like this with me, there aint' gonna be much he won't feel comfortable asking me. Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Fusion said...

hang on here TS, I have my little key chain drum machine around here somewhere... Bah da boom. There you go ;)

It's a good thing though, hope he always feels comfortable talking with you about stuff. Sounds like you're doing something right...

John said...

I think its great that he feels enough comfort with you to talk about erections. I have a great relationship with my daughter, but she still prefers talking with her Mom about shaving her legs and "down there". (Why do girls shave "down there" before there's anything hardly to shave "down there"?)

Drama said...

You're a rockin' awesome mom!! I just hope I can be that open when Bug gets to that age.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to your own children, them being comfortable to ask you anything is a good thing. With other people's children, that would probably be a bad thing.

Stinkypaw said...

It's a good thing that he trusts you enough to ask. Good for you (both!).

I must say though, I don't see why silent male wrote that it would probably bad with other people's kids... if they ask you it might just be that they don't get answers at home, and I remember going to an aunt for certain things rather than my mom... so, giving a proper explanation to anybody, in my books, is a good thing! Keep it up!

Trueself said...

Fuse - Ooh, a little key chain drum machine. I want one of those!

John - Girls shave "down there" now? Heavens, I thought only a few grown up women did that. Anytime I've shaved down there I always let it grow back before any kind of OB/Gyn appointment because I thought they'd think I was a freak.

Drama - You can do it. Just talk to Bug like he's a human being worthy of having a respectful conversation about a topic that he knows little to nothing about but that you have valuable information. Oh, one more thing, you don't have to look him in the eye the whole time either. Sometimes it's easier on both of you to kind of just talk like you'd talk about anything else and not make it a "big deal."

SM - Hmm. . . I don't know if I would feel so comfortable talking to other boys about things, but if a girl wanted to talk to me I'd be completely willing.

SP - Yes, I really want to keep that trust level high. I'm hoping that will help us navigate those choppy waters of puberty that are starting to appear on the far horizon.