Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starting Every Day with Tears

That's what I've done so far this week. I know. Only two days into the week. Yeah, yeah. Nevertheless, both days this week so far I have come into work, opened my email and started my day with tears.

Yesterday the minister who is kind of interim pastoring until we get a real interim pastor sent an email sharing the text of her sermon from Sunday. I had missed the Sunday service due to my bum leg (it bothered me tremendously that day) so getting to read the sermon was nice. Reading it, though, is what brought tears to my eyes. Her words went straight to my heart. I emailed her a response and shared my reaction and why it meant so much to me.

This morning I arrived at work, opened my email and there was her reply back to me. It was kind. It was touching. The tears rolled, again.

What's up with this weeping on a daily basis? Is it because of my stupid period? Is it because my leg is hurting, and I'm wondering how long it will take for it to ever get better? Grow up girl! Never let 'em see you sweat. Tough it out. Stand strong.

I seriously need to get over myself.


kimba said...

It could be shock from the injury.. I have had prolonged emotional-ness when I have had a traumatic injury..

Or.. it might have been just some beautiful words that triggered it.

Fusion said...

Sounds like a girl thing to me ;)

Or what Kimba said. *shrug* I'm a guy, what do I know?

Trueself said...

Kimba - Probably some combination of both.

Fuse - Yeah it's a girl thing. Go play with your trucks and guns.