Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Are Things at the Trueself House?

I’m so glad you asked. What with it being late summer and all it’s been busy. A little rundown of the latest activities:

  • Back to school shopping, at least for required classroom supplies, ended up being one stop shopping this year. Yay! Not only that, it didn’t end up being too outrageously expensive which was a pleasant surprise.

  • N continues to outgrow footwear at a pace that must be unprecedented so new shoes all around – new sneakers, new school shoes, new cleats. What I didn’t spend on school supplies didn’t come close to covering the shoe bill.

  • I have turned a blind eye to whether his pants still fit. He’ll be in shorts for another month or so, and then I’ll worry about buying pants that are long enough.

  • Big Brother 11 is on CBS, along with BB After Dark on Showtime, just as happens every summer. Along with this I have become, as always, completely and totally addicted, shunning family and friends in order to watch every moment possible. No, I didn’t pay for 24/7 live feeds. You wouldn’t hear from me at all during July and August if I did that. (Oh, and Go Kevin!)

  • BJ and I went to a trivia tournament last Saturday hosted by his workplace. The team he and I were on won third place, thanks in part to my knowledge of Michael Jackson trivia and BJ’s knowledge of popular music trivia. Each of the team members got a basket full of goodies. Our team totally rocked, and we had a great time.

  • As far as the depression goes, it’s always there in the background. Sometimes it moves to the forefront like it did yesterday, and sometimes it backs off a bit like it did Saturday. Today it’s there, but not the all-encompassing thing that it has been at times and not like yesterday. It seems the depression is at its worst when I am trying to ignore things that I really can’t ignore. Trying to ignore doesn’t work and only makes things worse.

  • N is playing fall baseball and soccer. This keeps him busy about four evenings a week and will start occupying many weekends starting this coming weekend. However, fall baseball will end in a couple of weeks, and that will help slow the pace a bit.

  • Today is the first day of school. N had me color his hair bright orange (don’t worry, it’ll wash right out) for the occasion and wore an Illini shirt and Illini shorts. This is his way of welcoming his teacher for this year who is a rabid Ohio State fan. Let the games begin!


Summer said...

I'm totally addicted to BB and this year subcribed to the live feed. Worth every penny. TOday Jeff and Russell went at it again. R started it, Jeff kept his cool. Russell is a nut.

Trueself said...

Summer - So glad to find a fellow BB addict. So do you get anything at all done when you have the live feed? I'm afraid my life would come to a complete halt until it was over (or at least down to the final two or three when it gets pretty boring).

Of course Jeff and Russell went at it again yesterday, and of course Russell started it. That's what he does. You're right. He's a nut.

I was rooting for Jeff or Jordan to win, but lately I've changed to Kevin. I like him a lot more now that Lydia's gone.