Friday, August 28, 2009

Late to the Party

Is it a surprise to anyone that I would be late to catch on to certain modes of communication? (Anyone? Anyone?) No, I thought not.

My latest addiction is texting. It isn’t that I haven’t texted in the past. I have. . . sporadically. . . short little messages. . . very rarely. . . However, I have now discovered the joys that most teenagers have known for some time now – the text conversation carried on throughout a prolonged period of time. I think one reason I have gotten more comfortable with texting is that I finally figured out a couple of months ago how to use the mode where the word is “guessed” by the phone based on the numbers pushed rather than having to go letter by letter painstakingly pushing “2” three times to get a “c” and so on. See? I told you, late to the party.

Anyway, it just took me one day to get hooked. Last night I was at N’s baseball game, and as exciting as Little League baseball can be I was bored. I didn’t really want to call anybody (even if I weren’t phone phobic) because I wanted to be able to pay attention to the game at least a little, particularly when N was at bat and got a fabulous RBI double at one point. So what’s a girl to do? I texted a couple of people just to say hi and see if anybody was available to “talk.” Lo and behold, I found two friends ready to chat away, and we did for the remainder of the game. It was awesome! Two conversations at the same time, yet still I could take a short break to watch the action on the field when there was some. Thank you girls for keeping me from falling over from boredom last night! (Yes I know you’re both reading, and please forgive me for telling you that the game was a loss. It was actually a win for N’s team. I was misinformed by a mom who obviously didn’t know any more about what was going on in the game than I did.)

So, oh dear, now I have a new addiction. Be careful. If I have your cell # you just may be my next target.

And you know what else I’m learning? I do actually have friends. I really do. Sometimes I’m just too damned blind to see it, but thanks to all of you who I confided in this week who gave me support and helped me through a bit of a crisis (that I’m not just prepared to share here at the moment). Now, if I just had some friends who actually lived close enough to get together for dinner or coffee occasionally. Sigh. . .


Jeni Angel said...

Right? Coffee and hanging out would be awesome.

Why does the world have to be so big?

Although. . .texting makes it a little smaller :-)

Sailor said...

Texting can be a great thing indeed, especially when you are in a position where a phone call or IM can't be done conveniently.

Good for you, and coffee & hanging would be nice, I share the wish that there were a few closer by friends.

Fusion said...

As a wireless phone sales guy, I know all about texting of course, and have had some good stories to tell from the past, like the panic stricken kid that came in to my store once asking if we had a bigger texting plan than the one we had at the time (3000 per month). Seems he went over a little bit on his father's plan, to the tune of 10,000 plus texts (at 10 cents per!)
Oh, and that "guessing" program is called T9 predictive text ;)

Fusion said...

Oh, and you're never to old to catch up with techology girl, good on ya!