Friday, December 07, 2012

Greatest Hits

Sometimes, when I'm trying to recall something I'll go back through my archives here and see if I can find reference to it.  Many times I will actually remember writing something about it.  Sometimes I'm not sure but go back looking just in case.

What I find most fascinating are all the other things I find as I amble down the garden path of my deep dark thoughts.  I find that I've changed a lot.  I find that I haven't changed at all.  I find that I've forgotten certain incidents so completely that it is as if they never happened, and I must be reading from someone else's life.  Yet usually if I try hard enough, I can finally recall enough to know that it did indeed really happen.

If you have your own blog, or journal, I would encourage you to go back and read your own words every now and then.  Look at your history and think about it and learn from it.  It is fascinating.

Here are some old favorites of mine that I've reread lately:

One of my forays into poetry  Ever a fan of haiku, I turned it into verse after verse on a newsworthy topic.

This one made me laugh  I read it because I was fascinated with what would make me title a post Hoopla at the Hoohah.  It did not disappoint and brought back memories of the entire ordeal.  It does contain a warning that there is TMI shared, and there certainly is so don't go there if that will bother you.

This was a good one  This was a post where I outlined the soundtrack of my life.  I didn't check the links within it to make sure they are still good.  All I had to do was read the names of the songs to bring them up into my head for one earworm after another.

This one was written in 2009 yet it rings so very true of my most recent hook up with J it could be a current post.

I had absolutely, positively forgotten all about this one.  It was only after rereading it in its entirety that I had some vague recollection of the incident.

This one is profound  I don't mean profound in the sense that it is so grand it deserves accolades or anything.  I mean profound in that it really speaks to who I am and what I do and why and how I feel about it all.

Okay, that's enough for now.  Later taters.

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Val said...

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!