Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Must Just Be the PMS Talking

Why do I continue to have conversations with J? Why for goodness’ sake? And why do I let him get to me? Why do my emotions reel over this man?

Below is J’s latest email to me (with my editorial comments added), in response to an email I sent him explaining that I just don’t get much out of our time together and don’t want to continue meeting surreptitiously:

I didn't know there was any problems. (So we start right off with incorrect grammar. Not exactly the way to get me on your side J. Not only that you are admitting that you are completely oblivious to me when we are together, because if you weren’t you couldn’t possibly not know about the problems.) I can only drive so far because I have work issues and I don't exactly have the same arrangement you have. (Oh, that’s right. You have a life, and I don’t. Thanks for the reminder.) You only asked me to help pay for a room once. (Because I genuinely thought a gentleman would offer to share the cost and was stunned when the last time we were together you didn’t pony up your half like you’ve done before.) I thought you wanted to know the "stuff" hat (presumably you mean “that” here) is going on and since when do you not get much out of it? (Umm, since forever?!?!) I believe it IS PMS, (Certainly, because anytime a woman has a negative thought it must just be PMS, right?) and I believe you want to see me again and soon. (Might as well believe in the tooth fairy too.) I do focus on you. (You do? Really? When? In what way?) I enjoy what I get from you as well as giving it to you. (Umm, excuse me but you get an orgasm, sometimes more than one, each time we’re together. I haven’t had one, not one, with you. What exactly are you enjoying giving to me?) I make love to you and enjoy your company. I miss you alot. (Two words dude. It’s “a lot” not “alot.”) I know the situations aren't perfect (Really?) or even right (Ya’ think?) but I always love seeing you and making love to you. (Well, yes I don’t doubt that.) I want to and will talk about certain stuff anymore. (I don’t understand this sentence and am not even sure I can fill in the missing gaps correctly to figure out your original meaning.)

I have not sent him a reply to the email above. I’m not sure I will. I’m also not sure I won’t. In some ways I’m tempted to send him just what I’ve included here – his own email with my comments interjected. Snarky much? Why yes, as a matter of fact I am.


Fusion said...

Sorry to say this True, but the man sounds a bit like a tool,
a rather unsharpened one at that.

Sailor said...

What fusion said.

John said...

He sounds pretty clueless and self-centered from what you've written so far. [Hmmmm, mentally checking grammar and spelling on my last sentence!] Not sending a further response might be the best response of all, at this point. Good luck.

mia said...

I like the comment about the dull tool. I can see why you still read his emails. I would even though I know there is nothing there for me. It's hard to walk away from someone like this mainly because he gives you at least a small amount of a rush. Having him on the side feels good to some extent even though he's not even coming close to what you need. As long as you view him as your play thing I think you can keep playing as long as it's fun. Of course the hard part is preventing it from getting and staying inside your head.

Val said...

Sounds like the thrill is gone to me!
[I can't surpass Fusion's dull-tool analogy ;-)]

Cocotte said...

Nothing more irritating than being told you are PMSing when you AREN'T!