Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Rare Non-Meme Post

Okay, so it's only a haiku, but at least it's not another meme, right? :-) Besides, it seems to work well with Mother's Day coming up this Sunday.

He'll Always Be My Baby

Sometimes it takes my
Breath away to see my son
As he really is

No longer baby
Or toddler, not anymore.
No, he is young man.

Only ten, too young
To be grown, too old to be
My precious baby.

I see in him the
Man he will become in time
Fleeting glances still.

I see his strength and
How he thinks things through before
He jumps now and then.

Then all too quickly
He is simply boy again
Young, silly, my boy.

I enjoy these times
Watching him grow into man
Yet I miss baby.

I long for the days
When hugs and kisses were free
And he wanted me.

Now he wants to be
Free, independent except
When he still needs me.

When the nightmares come
Or the winds howl and whistle
Through our drafty house.

Then he still wants me
To hold him tight, make things right.
Even big boys need Mom.


Val said...

Oh that's beautiful, darlin'...
I'm soaking up every bit of this precious time that I can, lemme tell ya!

Trueself said...

Val - I knew you'd understand, having one of your own of a similar age.