Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Twenty Firsts Meme

This is a tough meme for me. The perfectionist in me wants to answer all these questions accurately. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time remembering for sure in all cases what the first one of something was. Refusing to give up altogether I will just issue this disclaimer up front: All of these are the firsts as I remember them as I write this post. Accuracy is not guaranteed. There, now the perfectionist in me can allow me to move on with the answers without feeling like a complete failure.

First Job: Other than babysitting in high school, washing test tubes in a medical lab.

First Real Job:
Regulatory auditor

First Favorite Politician: Jimmy Carter

First Car: 1968 Buick Lesabre

First Record/CD:
Elton John's Rock of the Westies

First Sport Played: Softball

First Concert:

First Foreign Country Visited:
The Bahamas

First Favorite TV Show: Batman (the old one with Adam West)

First Favorite Actor: Andy Griffith (I always thought his Andy Taylor and my dad were a lot alike. At least they talked a lot alike and seemed to have a similar background and philosophy)

First Favorite Actress: Carol Burnett (loved her weekly show and her role in Once Upon a Mattress)

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Tim, in sixth grade, but only because I knew Joe would never be interested in me. If Joe had been interested in me Tim wouldn't have stood a chance.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Ted Knight (played Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show). I saw him in Baker's Square in Santa Monica on Thanksgiving morning. I recognized him and kept looking over at him. His eyes met mine at one point, and he smiled and nodded at me in a gesture that I'm sure he was used to doing when he was recognized in public. I wanted to go over and say hi, but I also didn't want to bother him so I just smiled back and went back to eating my breakfast.

First Brush With Death:
I don't know just how close a brush with death this was, but it seems that it could have been fairly close when I was in a car accident when I was three. Of course, I wasn't strapped in like kids are now, but just loose in the car. I was sitting on the floor of the front seat coloring when my mom ran off a small bridge over a creek. The car flipped and landed on its roof. I was knocked out and don't remember anything until I awoke in the ER and screamed bloody murder because I was scared and didn't know where I was or who all those people were surrounding me poking and prodding at me (doctors and nurses checking for injuries).

First House/Condo Owned:
A double wide mobile home that W and I lived in for a few years until we could save up to buy a "real" house.

First Film Seen:
The Sting

First Favorite Recording Artist:
The Partridge Family (yeah, lame I know, but I thought they were the best)

First Favorite Radio Station:
WLS, back in the day when they played music instead of talk

First Book I Remember Reading: Dick and Jane when I was in first grade

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog:
Ok, at least this one I could do a little research to figure out the correct answer. First thing I found was that I have 58(!) posts tagged "Meme" which just blew me away. I had no clue I'd done that many. Clearly I've shared more than anyone could ever want to know about me. The first one was posted on June 2, 2006. I don't know the name of the meme, but I entitled my post Too Much Information, and looking it over that seems to fit pretty well.


Desmond Jones said...

Hee-hee; cute stuff here, Truey. . .

Batman!? Really?? Even my nine-year-old self had some sense of how lame that show was (I came to realize that the lameness-to-the-pont-of-satire was really the whole point, but still. . .)

Of course, for me, it was the Beatles; first, ever and always. 'The Beatles Second Album' was the first one I owned (I was 8). . .

First foreign country was Canada, which is pretty obvious, if you're from Michigan. Add Mexico when I was 35, and you've got all the stamps in my passport, except that you didn't need a passport to get to either of them at the time. . .

The Sting!? Seriously?? That was your first film?? That came out the year I graduated high school, fer cryin' out loud. . .

And Dick and Jane rocked! And Tim and Sally, and Spot and Puff. . .

Trueself said...

Well, Des, I was only around five when I was so into Batman.

Also, The Sting was my first film because we lived in a teeny tiny little town with no movie theater closer than about 30 miles away. The whole reason I saw The Sting was that our Girl Scout troup was on a camping trip (cabins not tents) when a rainstorm made us seek alternate entertainment in the nearby town. I was probably in fifth or sixth grade, possibly seventh, at the time.