Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Hate Meme

Oh crap. This is a difficult meme for me. I don't really hate much, other than flying on commercial airlines when I'm the size of a small whale. Other than that I am not, by nature, a hater. So as you go through and read this list with my answers remember that for the most part these are things I really really dislike, but I probably don't hate them unless I so specify in the answer.

1. Most hated food:
Okay, so we start with one that I truly do hate, not only hate, but despise -- brussels sprouts. Oh, I've tried. I really have. I've tried them prepared various ways. I've tried them various times. They are truly the world's nastiest "normal" food.

2. Most hated person:

3. Most hated job: Cleaning toilets.

4. Most hated city:
I know this answer will get me in trouble with a lot of people, but New York City. It is crowded and dirty and my least favorite city I've ever visited, and I've visited a lot of cities.

5. Most hated band:
I don't know enough bands to have a least favorite. After all music is music, meaning awesome even if in it's worst forms, so I decline to answer.

6. Most hated (non-blog) website: My brother's for his law practice just because it's totally lame and useless other than giving you his office address and phone number.

7. Most hated TV program: Jerry Springer

8. Most hated politician: I almost said Dubya, but he's just too dumb to hate. I really kind of feel sorry for him. On the other hand, I can pretty honestly say I dislike almost to the point of hatred Dick Cheney.

9. Most hated artist: Why would I waste my time hating any artist? Art is in the eye of the beholder and certainly no art is worthy of earning it's artist hatred.

10. Most hated book: I don't think I ever met a book I didn't like.

11. Most hated shop or store: The Evil Empire aka Wal-Mart.

12. Most hated organization: The KKK

13. Most hated historical event:
The Holocaust

14. Most hated sport: Boxing

15. Most hated technology: Nuclear technology when used for weaponry.

16. Most hated annual event:
Annual female medical poke and prod session.

17. Most hated daily task: Getting out of bed. . . and then everything thereafter.

18. Most hated comedian:
Andrew Dice Clay. He's just not funny.

19. Most hated blog:
I don't think I could hate a blog unless it was dedicated to trashing me or my family. Even then, I would probably find it more amusing than hateful. It'd have to go pretty far to make me hate it.

20. Most hated song:
Try as I might I can't think of one. Sorry.

Well, I certainly hope in future I have more cheerful memes to post. This one was kind of morose.

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