Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Toe in the Water

Oh no. I am not a toe in the water kind of gal. Nope. I just jump right in, both feet up to my knees before I know it.

I texted J last night, regretting the email that I had sent and asking him to delete it without reading it if he hadn’t already. I decided it had been stupid to send. I stuck myself out on a limb and wanted to retreat back to the safety of my little hole in the base of the tree.

Naturally, he had already read the email. Naturally…

Excerpt from last night’s texting:

J: If u feel as if u shouldn’t have sent it what does that mean? Are u coming down sometime?

TS: It means I get scared that I’m going to scare you away. And it was a stupid rambling message. And I should just shut up.

J: I m at a loss at the moment. I just want u to come down n we will meet as before.

Now, I don’t know what to make of that text from J. Or… maybe it is that I don’t want to understand what I think he’s trying to say there. I think he’s trying to brush me off while maintaining that occasional piece of ass he’s used to getting. AND THAT ISN’T WHAT I WANT. So… I try to ignore that aspect of it and focus on the part about him wanting to see me.


After much thought and deliberation (like about six minutes so, ya know, plenty of time to think this through to a rational and prudent decision {NOT}), I texted back.

TS: Ok. I’ll try to come down. Any chance you can take a Friday off?

J: I can try…why?

TS: Just thought we could have more than an hour or two

J: Oh I see.. yeah just let me know which one, n where u will b

This, my friends, is how it came to be that in a couple of weeks I am going to go down and spend the day (and maybe overnight) with J. I’ve already gotten the day off approved at work. Now I just have to come up with and perpetrate the cover story for home use.

As the song says:
Tell me lies,
tell me sweet little lies,
tell me lies,
tell me tell me lies…

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