Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogger Weekend, Part III

So we left off at dinner on Saturday night. Dinner was great, and we sat for so long that the restaurant staff was practically done cleaning by the time we left. We were in my car so I started to drive Drama and Fusion back to Drama's place. However, as we approached the railroad tracks we could see the red lights flashing, the arms down, and traffic starting to back up. Drama told us to be prepared to be patient because it could be a long time as the freight trains that go through can take a while.

We waited. We saw no train. We rolled down the windows and listened. We heard no train. We waited. We couldn't turn around due to a raised median. We couldn't go forward or backward due to other cars. We sat. No train appeared. People from other cars started getting out and wandering up and down the street, some talking on cell phones. Clearly their was a bit of a glitch with the railroad crossing. No train, yet the arms stayed down and the lights continued to flash. Eventually a police officer arrived on the scene. He told us that it would be an hour before the railroad would get someone out to fix the problem so he instructed us to back up to the corner and gave directions for an alternate route.

Finally, we got Drama and Fusion dropped off at Drama's house. BJ and I headed back to our hotel. However, as we approached the railroad tracks on the road back to the hotel the red lights started flashing and the arms lowered. We were stunned. Not again! In a completely different location! Aack! I started to wonder aloud about driving around the lowered arm, but then I saw the lights of the train. It was a real train this time. Glory hallelujah! It's much easier to wait on a real train to pass than an imaginary one. We started waiting patiently, but our patience started to wear thin when the train slowed and appeared it might come to a complete stop. We waited. We watched as train car after train car rolled past at a snail's pace. Finally, the end of the train crawled past, the arms eventually raised, and we were finally able to make our way back to the hotel.

I was exhausted by the time we got to our room. I stripped down, collapsed on the bed and was sound asleep way before BJ ever even came to bed. One thing BJ got to see on this weekend together is how I react in frustrating situations. He saw me melt down. He still loves me in spite of it. Bless his heart.


Fusion said...

You melted down? I'm surprised, you always seemed calm and relaxed to me!

Drama said...

Yeah I was thinking the same thing...True melted down? Where were we??

Trueself said...

Fuse & Drama -
Melt Down #1 occurred on Friday night while we were driving around trying to find the hotel.
Melt Down #2 occurred on Saturday night while we sat waiting on the real train.

Only BJ witnessed these melt downs. You were both spared. I'm afraid it would have hurt your virgin ears had I not spared you.