Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is That You, Dilbert?

Dialogue at work this afternoon

Boss: When can you have that XYZ report finished for June?

Me: Well, to finish it I have to wait for Accounting to be to a certain point in the month end close, but I have all the rest of the data loaded and am just waiting for that.

Boss: Yeah, let’s move that up a little this month okay?

Me: (sitting in stunned silence)

Me: (mumbling after boss walks away) Yeah, and I’ll put that cover sheet on the TPS report while I’m at it.

I swear to you I’m not making this up. I couldn’t make up crap like this if I tried.

BTW, Blogger Weekend Part III should be posted later tonight or possibly tomorrow morning. For someone with nothing to do this week, I’ve been incredibly busy!


Nancy said...

The stupidity of some people (supposedly management people!) is just unbelievable sometimes. My husband came home telling a story the other day about a co-worker who called the off-site manager to let him know that they needed some help getting a machine back up---the manager berated his trouble-shooting skills. Like that was going to get the machine running?!

I will count my blessings today that I have one of the best bosses in the entire world.

Trueself said...

Nancy - It seems that in too many organizations people do indeed rise to their level of incompetance.