Friday, July 11, 2008

Not Enough for a Blogger Convention by Any Means, But. . .

This weekend four of my favorite bloggers – me, BJ, Drama, and Fusion – will be spending some time together. We are getting together simply because we all want to meet one another, and we will all be in the same general locale this weekend. While some of us know others of us, none of us knows all of the others.

I don’t know exactly what is on the agenda for tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll all find something to talk about. We have a little bit in common. We were all married to the wrong person (no, not the same person). We all have kids that mean the world to us. We all suffered in bad marriages. We’re all of a certain age group (you know, young and exciting). Oh yeah, and we all blog. Surely we can make some sort of conversation just based on our common ground. If nothing else, Drama and I will sit back and listen as BJ and Fusion discuss a certain Canadian someone something they have in common.

Check back here after the weekend if you’re interested in how the get together goes. I’ll post all the juicy secrets I learn from the others a little bit about it after I’m home. I should have plenty of blog time next week since N will be away at camp all week.


C-Marie said...

That sounds really interesting. I always wondered if the chance was given to me to meet fellow bloggers, if I'd totally be okay with it or just plain chicken out. I'd think I'd be a bit afraid but yet it sounds exciting!

Have fun fun and more fun and I can't wait to hear all about it!

freebird said...

I'd LOVE to meet my blog friends! I hope you all had a fantastic time, TS.

Trueself said...

C-Marie - It was a blast! I highly recommend that if you ever do get a chance to meet fellow bloggers that you do so. Very few bite, and then mostly only if you're agreeable to it. ;-)

FB - We did have a fantastic time. Wish you could have flown in for it!