Friday, October 09, 2009

Niggling Details

After W moved out and when things seemed good with BJ I went and changed all my emergency contact information from W to BJ. I didn’t want W to be the first notified if something horrible happened to me at work, for instance, and HR looked up my emergency contact information. I wanted BJ to know.

It just dawned on me this morning that I guess I now need to go back and change all that emergency contact information. BJ is no longer the correct person to notify. I don’t think he would even want to know anything about what’s happening with me. However, as much as it might be the proper thing to do, I don’t want W to be my emergency contact either.

I guess I’ll go with my parents. I can’t think of anyone else.

Oh, and the plague I’ve been suffering from this week? Well, it’s getting better if by better you mean that I periodically cough up great gobs of green goo but otherwise feel my energy returning slowly bit by bit. Yeah, I think I’ll count that as better.


Val said...

I still list MY mom as emerg contact when I go out of town, since she would likely be the First Responder...
[sad but true]

Buttafly32681 said...

Thanks for the previous *hugs* BTW! :) Even though I have hubby down for a lot of the emergency contact stuff...I always put my mother. I am sure Hubby would be there if something bad happened, but I can 100% depend on my parents.