Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poll Results re: Men Who Cheat

Oh so long ago, I posted a poll in the sidebar. This was back when I was feeling rather defensive over certain comments I was getting on certain posts. As always, a defensive response does indeed indicate an admission of guilt on a certain level. I am full aware of that. Yet, one thing kept sticking in my craw. That one thing had to due with how many people seemed to be throwing the blame my way that married men with whom I’ve had sex were cheating. So anyway, once cooler heads prevailed, I realized that I was twisting their words in my head as badly as some were twisting my words in theirs – particularly given the results of the poll.

Now I have absolutely no interest in going back and rehashing the whole issue. It seems that most have had their say and most anything any of us might say now would just be to restate prior points. I’m just posting this so that I have a record of it here in the blog without leaving it, ad infinitem, in the sidebar. Besides, I needed room for the new poll in the sidebar, also about cheating. (So head over and vote now!)

All that said, if you do think you have something new to add (notice I said “something new to add” not “something that’s been said eleventy thousand times before but if you say it just once more maybe people will all agree with you”) feel free to leave comments. Or don’t. Whatever.  About all I'll say here is that I was really surprised that one person actually selected "It’s nobody’s fault, it just happens."  Really?  Was that a serious answer?  Really?


The married man.............11   50.0%
The man’s wife.............. 1     4.5%
The other woman.............. 0     0.0%
Combo of the married man and other woman.............. 4   18.2%
It’s nobody’s fault, it just happens.............. 1     4.5%
Other.............. 5   22.7%
TOTALS............ 22 100.0%

Just one other note. The percentages up there actually add to 99.9%. It’s little crap like that which will drive my little nit pickin’ brain nuts, but I had to check it out. It turns out you have repeating decimals ala 4.54, then 4.545 then 4.5454 with the 45 repeating forever. I thought it would be just perhaps a little too anal retentive and/or OCD to show too many decimals in the table above, and thanks to the repeating decimals in all but the 11 (which of course is exactly half of 22) no matter how many decimals you report your last column always is either a 9 or a 1 so I was never going to get my perfect 100% no matter what.

Yes, okay, too anal, I know, I know, I know! Just remember it’s focusing on these things that keeps me from dwelling on the other crap in my life that I can’t deal with. In other words, if I didn’t have my little obsessions with numbers I’d probably go stark raving bonkers so just back off. Back off and I won’t have to hurt you with my calculator, ‘kay?


kimba said...

true.. it's hard to guage the feeling behind people's comments sometimes.

honey, I hope my comments didn't come over as oh so preachy.. I just want you to have something uncomplicated and good in your life.

You deserve it.. x

Desmond Jones said...

Just bear in mind that little bloggity polls are not the determinators of moral truth.

But I'm sure you know that, without me having to say so. . .