Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And So She Goes. . .

TS2 told me this morning she has found an apartment and will be moving the beginning of August.

Hallelujah!  I think it's all for the best that she is moving out.  Tensions have run high between W and TS2.  She wanted to be part of the family.  He wanted her to just be a tenant.  They rarely see eye to eye on things.  I can get along with her just fine, but then again, I tend to be an easygoing sort.  Things don't irritate me as quickly as they irritate W.  N likes her fine most of the time, but he too gets irritated with her at times.  She does tend to overstep boundaries and has to be reminded to step back occasionally.  Therefore, hallelujah, TS2 is leaving.

Drat!  We lose the rental income.  It wasn't a lot, and we didn't charge market rate rent because we were kind of doing her a favor letting her live with us while she got on her feet financially.  Yet that extra $$ we got sure did help out in keeping the household budget under control.  Therefore, drat, TS2 is leaving.

Do we rent out the spare room to someone else now?  Living in a university community means there would be decent opportunity to rent to a student or a visiting lecturer or other person associated with the university.  If we did rent, we would need to be a bit smarter this time and do some things very differently.  I would insist we have a written contract, and that certain rules and expectations be clearly stated in it.  I would charge market rate rent.

Through the years we've rented to various people in various situations.  We've had good experiences and bad.  I kind of like having extra people around.  W and N aren't as good about having extra people around unless those extra people do everything their way.  I don't know for sure what we'll do.


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