Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching Up

Well, let's do a little catch up post, shall we?

Whassup with some of the infamous people in my cast of characters?

J - Birthday! A milestone one. We talked. He continues to be married to wife #3. She continues to monitor his phone, email and FB. He continues to want to get together. I continue to be ambivalent.

TS2 - Still livin' here. Rarely pays rent on time. Irritates W with everything she does (so it isn't all bad having her around). It is pretty clear why she can't keep a woman in her life. Needy. Very needy. Also, nothing has ever been her fault...

N - Growing like a weed. Can't believe I have a teen with a teen's appetite in every way. Eats me out of house and home. Loves the xbox games. Loves South Park. In another couple of years he'll be driving. Fortunately, he is not girl crazy... yet...

Boss - The longer I work for him the more I get along with him.

Betty - Continues to be the Golden One at work, but at least I know I'm not the only one who sees who she really is behind the mask.

FU - I have given up on ever having a decent relationship with my dear brother. At least I've learned that my mom doesn't trust FU either. She has named me executor in her will and made me trustee over the trusts for both N and my nieces. No, she doesn't trust FU to use his daughters' money for their benefit. How sad is that?  Also, she doesn't want to tell him that I will be in charge once she's gone.  Yes, that will be fun times once she's gone, and he finds out that I get to take control of the family finances.  (I realize this sounds like there's big bucks in the family.  There isn't.  What there is, though, Mom wants to make sure gets distributed the way she sees fit.)

Ella & Bella - My nieces are cute and sweet and just about the most sheltered girls ever.  FU is afraid to let them be out in the world so their world pretty much consists of FU, FU2 & my mom.  Bella, particularly, is incredibly shy and wary of strangers (including me & N on the few occasions when we've visited).  I feel bad for them but don't know that there is much I can do.

BJ - See him around on the interwebs occasionally.  Still miss him, but life goes on.

That's about it for the catching up.  Pretty much things are just status quo.  I have an appointment with Freud that I need to leave for in a few minutes.  Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about that.

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