Monday, February 16, 2009

The Big V Day

Valentine’s Day dawned with N crawling into bed with me, snuggling with me and announcing that he was hungry. I told him I’d have to shower and dress first, but then we could have a special Valentine’s treat by going to Starbucks for breakfast. He liked the sound of that and went off to play on his Playstation until I was ready.

At Starbuck’s he had his usual, tall hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin, while I had a grande non-fat mocha and a slice of lemon loaf. On the way, he wanted to drop off a Valentine card he had for W. W wasn’t at his apartment so N suggested we stop by Q’s place to drop it off. I reluctantly agreed. We drove over and, of course, W’s car was in the driveway. N trotted up and knocked on the door. There was no answer so he tucked the card in the storm door, and we left.

After our Starbuck’s breakfast we went home and exchanged Valentines. N had been lamenting for the last couple of weeks that in his whole life (all 10 years of it) he’d never received a heart-shaped box of candy. He was thrilled when I handed him a small heart-shaped tin with 4 chocolates in it. (They were 2 for $5 at Walgreen’s so it seemed a reasonable enough expense.)

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent doing chores like laundry and attending a meeting at church. When we arrived home BJ had just arrived, and when we went inside I found his Valentine’s presents (yes plural) to me. Nothing big but I was very touched at his thoughtfulness and thought that what he gave me was just perfect (not to mention delicious since what’s not to love about chocolate, especially when combined with nuts and maybe just a bit of caramel). I gave him his card and a tin of candy identical to the one I gave N. (Hey! Two for $5. I’m on a budget.)

The three of us sat around and played Uno until it was almost time to go to dinner. We (the three of us) attended a dinner put on by the college group at church as a fundraiser for their spring break mission trip. It was great! The food was excellent, and in addition, there was music and an original play put on by the students. All in all it was a really good time, and we didn’t have to fight the Valentine’s Day crowds at a restaurant. I was a little worried W would show up with Q at the dinner and more worried that, given past behavior, they would sit at the same table with us. Fortunately, they were no shows. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

After the dinner we returned home, and I soon had N tucked into bed for the night. I finished the laundry and put clean sheets on the bed. BJ came to bed, and well, let’s just say we may or may not have done more than immediately fall asleep.

All in all it was a really fine Valentine’s Day.

And on another front, my laptop is down with an apparent virus. Therefore, no internets time from home, and of course, I can't spend all work day online. I'm missing out big time. Wish I had the money to call in the Geek Squad on this one. Unfortunately, I don't. Plus I'm scared to fire it up to fuck it up try to do anything myself. So there you have it. I'm an online addict with no fix. Trembling much? Yeah, like all freakin' weekend people, all freakin' weekend.


Dina said...

Can you boot it up in safe mode and try to shut down the nasties?

Sounds like you had a great Vday :)

Fusion said...

Glad you had a nice V-day True.

What virus protection do you use? I've been using Trend Micro's PC-cillin for years now, does a good job.

freebird said...

Hi there Trueself!
You know, TS, I really can't quite make out whether this has an undercurrent of irony or not. Sorry, am I just a horrible cynic?