Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Small Vignette from Trueself’s World

[TS walks into the family room where her 10-year-old son N is watching TV]

TS: How does my hair look in the back?

N: It’s okay. Well. . . that silver thing in there (a small jaw clip) sure does stick out.

TS: It doesn’t look good?

N: I didn’t say that. Besides not that many people will see you from the back anyway.

TS: But the way my desk is positioned in my cubicle the back of my head is the first thing they’ll see! I don’t want to give a bad first impression.

N: Do many people come see you?

TS: No.

N: See? It’s no problem.

[TS exits room and returns a few minutes later with different hairstyle.]

TS: So. . . does the back of my hair look better now?

N: Oh yeah! It looks way better than it did. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but it looked really bad before.


Jeni Angel said...

Well . . .he'll make a good husband one day! :-)

selkie said...

HAHAHAH - what a kid! I'm totally impressed at his tact!

Karin's Korner said...

LMAO I love your kid!!

Desmond Jones said...

Yeah, that's pretty darned slick for one so young. . .

Careful; he'll be fighting the ladies off before too many more years, at this rate. . .

Bunny said...

I was going to say what Jeni did - lol! You've trained him well.

Fusion said...

Gotta love kids!

mia said...

He's adorable!!!