Thursday, February 26, 2009

One More Whiny Dark Haiku

Just get over it
It was very long ago
Put it in the past

Easy words to say
Hard to put into practice
Difficult advice

Hard to overcome
Years feeling inadequate
From harsh words spoken

Why could I not be
Well liked, respected, and loved?
What was wrong with me?

What do others see
When they look at me today?
Am I still outcast?

Am I nothing more
Than what I was told back then?
Fat, ugly, clumsy?

The girl who couldn’t
Turn a cartwheel, learn to skate
Such a clumsy girl.

All she had was brains
Go sit in the corner and
Read you clumsy girl.

Leave the rest of them
Alone, ones who were better
And fit with the crowd.

Sit on the sidelines,
Be quiet, do not disturb
Others’ status quo.

Do not speak your mind.
Nobody wants to hear you
And your dismal thoughts.

The anguish is real
It is here now in this time
Not just in the past.

My reality
Like it or not this is me.
Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t patronize me
And tell me you understand
You don’t understand.

It’s never enough
It’s never okay to be me
I’m never okay.

Perhaps aren’t working as well
As one might expect.

Don’t worry. I’ll come
Through this episode, return
To my wiseass self.

Life will continue.
Spring will soon arrive, perhaps
With it will come hope.

And with hope maybe
There will be a return to
Prose without Haiku.

1 comment:

Val said...

Aha! maybe you're feeling a little better, bcz you didn't CLOSE COMMENTS ;-)
Don't you know your friends worry about you?!?