Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Haiku from a Conflicted Soul

Where are you my friends?
Why does friendship elude me?
I cry day and night

Doing myself in
By pushing people away
I self sabotage

Get close! Be my friend!
Oh wait, not so close! Back off!
Come back! Be my friend!

There’s an old adage
To have a friend be a friend.
I really want to be!

Internal struggle,
Get well enough to be friends.
Don’t push them away.

Sometimes too scary
To let anyone too close.
Help me let you in.

Be gentle with me.
Do not tease or point out my

Do not treat me well
To lure me in so you can
Hurt me like others.

Or just go away.
If you won’t be my friend then
Don’t torture me. Please.

I have closed comments for this post. No matter how you might respond, either kindly or unkindly, it would surely bring me tears, and I don’t need any more of those right now.