Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Observations from the Past Week

  • If one attends a memorial service with one’s girlfriend it is probably not a great idea to sit with one’s ex at the reception afterwards when there are plenty of other open places in the room. Consider this your helpful handy tip of the day.

  • If one receives a calendar with important events included on it, and is also reminded twice during the week of an event, one of those times being just three hours prior to the event, one should not be surprised when one’s lack of attention to and attendance at said event causes ill feelings on the part of those affected. Another helpful handy tip of the day. (I’m nothing if not helpful.)

  • Spring-like weather appears to contribute to good feelings and a sense of wellbeing deep within me.

  • I am learning that strength does indeed come from within myself. Nobody can give it to me, nor can they take it away from me.

  • When my therapist asked me about friends that I have who would call me occasionally just to talk and see how I am without wanting something from me I couldn’t think of any. That made me sad.

  • I also realize that I have to be that kind of friend if I want to have that kind of friend, and I don’t do that well. I’m too afraid of calling at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing, embarrassing myself somehow. Self-consciousness is my downfall.

  • During the conference season, the Illini have done very well at home and have pretty much sucked in road games. This doesn’t make me feel great when they have two road games this week, although it’s a bit comforting that one of those games is against Indiana, a team that has only one conference win so far this season.

  • Meeting your boyfriend’s grown, or nearly grown, children is nerve-wracking. Even more nerve-wracking is not getting much feedback on what they thought of you thereby insuring you won’t feel any less nervous the next time.

  • I really work better as part of a team than as a lone wolf. I like doing things together with someone else rather than by myself. That makes single life very difficult.


mia said...

And who is the only team Indiana has beat? hee hee

Desmond Jones said...

Well, it's sad to see what's become of the once-mighty Hoosiers, but I imagine I'll get over it. . .

The league is extraordinarily deep this year; pretty much everybody but Indiana can beat everybody else on any given day. (And just between you and me, how is it that our only two conference losses were both at home? I thought Breslin was supposed to be a tough place to play. . .)

Val said...

Hey man, you know I would call you just to chat A.)if I had yer current #! and B.) if I didn't think I'd be aggravatin' your phone phobia ;-)!