Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

This was, in turns, great fun, very frustrating, and eye-rollingly stupid. Never let those difficulties stop me from sharing much too much about my inner being. Heh. . .

Instructions: Answer the Current Obession category and then explain WHY you chose that response.

Sabbath by Wayne Muller. This is the book we are studying at church in our small group studies. We aren’t far into it yet, but with every chapter I am learning something new. One tidbit that I have gleaned: don’t forget that keeping the Sabbath is one of the commandments, just as important as the other nine. Taking a day of rest – as important as not committing adultery or murder? Just another bit of food for thought. . .

Celery sticks with pimiento cheese spread. Yes, this is how you can take a perfectly healthy and low calorie food and turn it into a delicious calorie laden snack. I made a few of these for the relish tray at Thanksgiving dinner and have been obsessed ever since.

Dos Reales. I’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately, and you just can’t find finer authentic Mexican food around here than Dos Reales.

Mango lemonade. I have recently run across this at a few restaurants (both in alcoholic versions and non-alcoholic) and am in love with it. Mmm. . . mangoes.

I don’t obsess over décor. I really don’t. My décor could most accurately be described as hand-me-down-doesn’t-look-absolutely-awful-and-at-least-it-all-fits-in-the-room.

This is difficult. I don’t really have a current obsession with an actor. I’m sure my obsession with Johnny Depp will return though as soon as I see him in his next movie.

Oh gosh, I only really have one real female obsession of the celebrity kind, and she isn’t an actress really. She’s a comedienne and a wonderfully fantastic woman – Paula Poundstone. I heart Paula Poundstone in a big way. If I were the scary stalker type I’d sit outside her house day after day just to watch her live her life.

Avatar. I know, I know, how trite. It’s everybody’s favorite right now. Well so what? It’s definitely the best movie I’ve seen the last couple of months. I love the story. I love the special effects. I love the movie. So there.

TV show:
King of the Hill. Although it has been around for a while I have only recently discovered it, and I love it!

Playing Risk. I hadn’t played in a long while, but during winter break with the weather curtailing much outdoor activity I introduced N to Risk. He has beaten me twice now. I haven’t beaten him at all. I took it easy on him the first time we played but not the second time. I will avenge my losses. . . perhaps over MLK Jr. weekend.

Dixie Chicks. I miss them so.

I almost always have an earworm driving me crazy. Currently, it is the theme song for the TV show King of the Hill. Yes, I’ve watched too many episodes lately. Curse you Adult Swim!

Obsessed with a meme? Are you kidding me? No way am I obsessed with any meme. I find one I like I do it. I get tired of it I move on. Whatever. . .

Too many to list, but then again, y’all hardly ever blog anymore so my obsession is starting to wane. Come back dear blog friends, come back!

No obsessions currently although (and I know I’ll catch hell for this particularly given how I felt the last time we were together) I have been talking to J lately and can’t seem to completely give him up. Sigh. . .

Not so much obsessed as intrigued by my newest coworker, the one I thought I couldn’t stand at first but is now by closest friend. If the friendship continues I may have to assign her a name or initial for this blog.

“Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation." Henry Ward Beecher I selected this quote because it is very much my philosophy in life. I have come to realize that I cannot expect others to treat me in that way. However, I will do my best to treat others with compassion without any expectations of reciprocation.

I have been overly obsessed lately (even more than normal) with improper grammar and word usage. I am becoming one of those old ladies who goes around looking down her nose at those who don’t speak well. Perhaps it has a bit to do with having a fifth grader and trying to help him with his lessons. It really peeves me when the teacher uses poor grammar and misspellings in the papers he sends home.

Basketball. Oh how I love college basketball. My beloved Illini are not the only basketball team I follow. No, I love to cheer against some of my least faves – Duke, Kansas (only because of the Bill Self defection to there a few years ago), Tennessee (only because of Bruce Pearl’s infamous rant against the Illini years ago). Also, I like to watch all the Big Ten games. If I weren’t such an Illini fan I just might be a Spartan fan. I have a lot of respect for Coach Izzo and his program. And while we’re on the topic, may I take this moment to say just how thrilled I am that Kansas got kicked to #3 from #1 in the polls this week? Thrilled I tell you. . . thrilled. (Grudges stick a long time with me. You’ve been warned.)

Singer: Always and forever I will be obsessed with Dan Fogelberg.

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Craig said...

Well, your two favorite teams will be playing each other this weekend (for first place in the Big Ten, no less). . .

And, just for the sake of sayin' so - we Spartans still haven't forgiven Nick Saban, either, and he's on his third job since he left here. . .