Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Therapy: Round and Round We Go

Okay, so my intention was to talk to Freud about the whole W mess and how I am inches from killing (figuratively folks, just figuratively) him were it not for my strong distaste for orange jumpsuits and and doing laundry for 200 other convicted felons. However, we didn't spend much time on that. We again spent time on my work issues, and how that's going and how I can navigate amidst the non-people-oriented people with whom my department is so heavily laden.

I was happy to report to Freud that due to his kind suggestions at our last session I was able to talk to Boss without coming across as a bull in a china closet. For now, things are going so much better, at least between me and Boss. However, there are certainly still issues within the department not the least of which are disgruntled coworkers and a whole lot of backstabbing and distrust and ugliness. I will spare you the details. I didn't spare Freud however. He got to listen to me spout off about all the dysfunction within our department.

In order to understand the department where I work think back to when you were in school. Remember the nerdy brainy kids who were also really shy? You know, the ones whose clothes were never fashionable, who sat on the sidelines reading a book when everyone was playing? Remember those kids? Okay, now think about a bunch of those kids, all grown up and working together in one department. They are all used to being the outsiders. They are all quiet. They are all always waiting for the really cool kids to pick on them. And they have no idea at all how to interact with one another. I swear, we need group and individual therapy for this department. I have never quite seen a grouping like this.

All of this to say that we spent a good deal of time working on strategies for me to navigate through the situations that come up at work due to our strange little group. (Now don't think I only think the others are strange. Oh no, I'm right there with them, just as strange, just as nerdy, just as socially awkward.)

Oh, and the last few minutes, I shared with Freud the incident between W and me. Dealing with that is at the top of the to do list for our next session.

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