Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Pretentious Blogging Meme

1. How long have you been blogging? Almost four years on this blog, and I think about another year on my other (now private) blog.

2. What made you start? With the first one, just a restless need to write. This blog was started when I was first in contact with J and considering what to do about that.

3. Who inspired you? Interestingly enough, my very first inspiration to blog at all came from reading a blogger who called herself Fat Doctor. I came upon the knowledge of her blog when on a message board having to do with weight loss. Once I started reading I got the bug to write myself.

4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog? Too many, that's for sure. How many though? Gosh, I really don't know, depending on the week anywhere from one to maybe ten.

5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing? I was on my high school newspaper and yearbook staffs. That's about it. No special writing skills here.

6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas? Well, let's see. My twisted mind vs. emotions type decisions are the biggest source. Then there's just whatever happens to come up that I have an opinion that needs sharing. I have plenty of those.

7. What or who inspires you and your blog? What inspires me now is that I find blogging to be quite therapeutic for me. That and I want to stay in touch with my imaginary internet friends who I've found through blogging. (Some of them claim not to be imaginary, but while they may exist in real life the imaginary part may well be the friends part not the existance part. I like to think of you as friends, but I think it may be a stretch to think that all of you readers are.)

8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog? Mostly when I'm sitting at work doing the part of my job that could be done by a trained monkey. I'm not good at mindless work unless I have something else for my mind to work on at the same time.

9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow? Always tell the truth. If presented as fact it better be fact. If presented as my opinion or feelings it better honestly represent my true opinion or feelings.

10. Is there anything you will not blog about? I will, to the best of my ability, not start nor fuel nor exacerbate any flame wars of any kind amongst my bloggy friends/acquaintances.

11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic? I try to do the Sunday Stealing post on Monday or thereabouts and to post a Thursday Therapy post each Thursday. Other than that it's a free for all, at least for now. That may change over time if something appeals to me about another "regular feature."

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