Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Therapy: MARCH MADNESS edition

It is March. It is that most wonderful time of the year during which I become glued to the TV each and every weekend until the championship game on the first Monday of April.

It may be a form of madness. It may be denial that my beloved Illini totally suck this year. It may be eternal hope that in spite of their suckitude I hope for an NIT championship for my boys. It may be compassion that causes me to cheer for the other Big Ten teams as they battle in the Big Dance. It may just be that I have completely and totally lost my little mind because so far I have picked all seven winners in the games that have already finished today, leaving me in the running for a tidy little pot o' gold (or some crisp green bills) at the end of the rainbow.

You wanted a real Thursday Therapy post? Probably oughta go back and read yesterday's entry. It was more nearly the type post I normally due for TT.

Anyway, I'll be back to real life after the tournaments are over. Until then, get off the internet and go turn on CBS! That's where all the good stuff is happening.




Desmond Jones said...

Just between you and me and the lamp post, I think yer Illini got screwed, just a bit, by the committee. I think, in the end, they weren't gonna take six Big T1e1n teams, and when Minnesota got to the finals of the conference tournament, that was the end for Illinois. . .

But - you guys go; win the NIT, and y'all oughta be pretty good again next year. . .

Fusion said...

OK, I'm not a basketball fan at all, find the games to be a bit boring to watch, sorry.


I do live in Spokane, Washington.

So I have to do this.


Ahem, that is all...

ginnyh said...

Well........ahem, I'm writing this comment from Lexington, KY, so.........well, let's just say I'll DEFINITELY be watching the games. GO UK!!!!!!!!

Love you and love your blog!

Desmond Jones said...

Fusion, you live in Spokane? Can you get me tickets to the Michigan State game tomorrow?


Well, anyway, say 'Hi' to Jud Heathcote for me next time you see him around town, OK?