Friday, August 31, 2012

More Calls, More Mystery...

Just so you can keep the cast of characters straight for this latest saga:
Velma – W’s ex-wife whom we recently learned died a while back
Fred – W’s eldest son who lives in the same area as Velma did and was kind of main caretaker for her in terms of financial affairs and such
Shaggy – W’s other son from family #1 who lives a rather eclectic life out in the wilds of Montana
Daphne – wonderfully helpful woman at the local (where Velma lived) office of the federal agency involved
Anytime I say “local” in this story it refers to the area where Velma lived and where Fred still lives.
(Remember that names, locations, etc. may not be accurate so nobody runs across this story by accident, but the essence of the story is absolute truth.)

When last we left, W had learned of Velma’s demise through an innocent third party. Fred had a hissy fit over W learning of the death, and W couldn’t figure out why.

After Thursday’s odd happenings, Friday came as Friday often does after Thursday. W and I both set out to find an obituary, or at least a death notice, for Velma. Strangely enough, we could not in spite of a thorough internet search using her full name, maiden name, middle name, no middle name. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We even checked websites of every funeral home in the area and couldn’t find her death reported anywhere at all.

We thought this rather odd and speculate that somehow Fred and/or Shaggy specifically requested that the information not be made public. Then again, maybe Velma isn’t really dead. Either of these options leaves plenty of questions. Why would you not want her death made public? Just to keep W from finding out? Why would a federal agency believe her dead if she isn’t? Ok, well we still don’t have answers to these questions, but we’re still researching. I’m starting to believe we may have to scour cemeteries for a recently dug grave with her name on it.

Fred called when no one was home and left a message for W to call him. W returned Fred’s call shortly thereafter only to find they were playing a lovely game of phone tag.

W called the federal agency back. Because he gets monthly payments from them, when he divorced Velma she put a garnishment on the payments. He wanted to make sure that with her death the garnishment would end, and he would begin receiving full payments. Daphne told him that the only way to release the garnishment is with a court order. Apparently, the money will no longer be sent to Velma, but it also won’t be sent to W. It will hang out in legal limbo until/unless the court releases the garnishment.

Fred called back to talk to W. Their conversation was not much more productive than the one the day before. According to Fred, because the feds know that he had power of attorney for Velma they should not have ever contacted W. Somehow, apparently, this was W’s fault. We still aren’t sure how, but apparently that’s how it works in Fred’s mind. W asked Fred if he would send W a copy of the death certificate since he figured he would need one to give to the attorney that he intended to hire to accomplish the garnishment release. Fred said he’d have to think about it, that he couldn’t see any reason W should need one. W tried to explain. Fred flew off the handle and hung up on W.

After calming down a bit, W contacted a local attorney. Now, don’t you just know that once you get an attorney involved, that’s when the real fun begins? Oh yeah.

To be continued…

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Val said...

TOO WEIRD; but is it really worth W's time & trouble?!?

Ah well, I guess he has plenty of time to invest, eh? ;-)