Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Little Call

(Certain details have been changed in the following post to mask it so it won't be found easily if someone happens to Google it, but the story remains substantially true.)

It is amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, all it takes is one little phone to set a whole set of dominoes falling. Right now we're in the middle of the dominoes. They continue to fall, and who knows when they will finally all be down. We just can't see the end just yet.

Last week, I was at work just doing my job, minding my own business, without too many cares on my mind except the section of roof that was being replaced that day at home. I had no idea that what would soon be on my mind would have nothing to do with my job, workplace, house, roof, or even N. Nope. What I was about to learn left me gobsmacked... a blow from out of the blue... and a mystery to boot. Somebody fire up the Mystery Machine. We've got some sleuthing to do.

Thursday morning W answered his cell phone. He didn't recognize the #, but the area code was one where his eldest son lives as well as a few other relatives. When he answered, it turned out to be the local office of a federal agency calling. The woman on the phone asked if he could confirm that "Velma Wise" had died on a certain day about a month ago. Velma was W's ex-wife. W had heard nothing prior to this about her death, much less that it had happened a month ago. He told the woman on the phone this, and she apologized profusely before hanging up. W wondered why none of his grown children or grandchildren had let him know.

He called the son who lives in Velma's town to ask why he hadn't been notified. When he reached his son, his son was furious that W found out. W was bewildered as to why his son felt this way. His son started ranting about not wanting W involved in Velma's financial affairs and how the gov't agency had no right to notify him. W couldn't make heads or tails about what his son was saying or why he thought W would want to be involved in Velma's financial affairs at all. W asked if assistance was needed with final expenses to be told no that was all taken care of. The call ended with W more bewildered than ever.

Although they were divorced for many years W did grieve her death which I don't find surprising although apparently his children do. Thursday night was spent with me alternately comforting W over the loss and listening to his speculations about what on earth was up with his children from family #1.

To be continued...

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