Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Top Ten Things I Learned on the Mission Trip

10. Mud is very slippery in the rain.
9. It is more fun to work on projects for appreciative people than for people who feel entitled.
8. West Virginia is not suffering from drought conditions like we are.
7. The bunks we slept in on the trip used to be prison bunks and were every bit as comfortable as one would expect a prison bunk to be.
6. Lots of really icky critters, such as slugs, wasps, huge spiders, and snakes, call West Virginia home.
5. I was the only one from my group who could really relate to the people we served and their home conditions because I was the only one with relatives as poor as the people we served.
4. Lots of people in West Virginia smoke, and many don’t think twice before blowing smoke in your face.
3. Skip Bo is a really fun game.
2. If you’re tired enough, it really doesn’t matter how comfortable the bed is or isn’t.
1. Using a circular saw is one of the most fun jobs ever.

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Jeni Angel said...

I love this list.

Also, I slipped in some mud yesterday, so I feel ya :-)