Friday, May 02, 2008

First Date

I went out on a first date last night. It was great! I picked him up at his place, and we went out for dinner and then attended a show.

Dinner was nice, nothing fancy, just sandwiches and salads at a café. We chatted and gazed in each others’ eyes as we ate. There was a comfort between us not often found on first dates. After dinner, we drove to the local theater for an NPR event, This American Life. We got there early because we knew it would be crowded, and we wanted decent seats. He took my hand soon after we sat down, and we held hands throughout the entire event. It was a live event held in New York but beamed out to theaters across the nation. Ira Glass is one of the few people who looks similar to how I pictured him when listening to him on the radio. He was witty and engaging as he always is on the radio, and has a way of making me feel like he’s talking just to me, telling me some story of someone he’s interviewed. My date wasn’t the NPR junkie that I am so had no idea what it would be like. Afterwards, he told me that he loved the show and wanted to go listen to a podcast or two from their website.

I took him back to his place. We sat in the car and made out briefly before he went inside, and I returned home to N. We’ll be seeing each other again tonight.

Life certainly is weird when your first date with someone comes more than a year and a half after first meeting him, spending weekends with him, and sleeping with him numerous times. We sure have gone at this thing bass ackwards. At least we’ve now gotten past the first date! LOL


Bunny said...


BJ said...

Yes, the first-date jitters are over. This American Life was a wonderful *performance.* I would love to be able to *perform* like that and in many other ways too. :)

Rambeau said...

So glad you and BJ had such a nice time!

Trueself said...

Bunny - You said it!

BJ - Spectacular performances abounded this weekend.

Rambeau - Thank you. We sure did.