Thursday, May 01, 2008

Nothing of Note Here

Move on to the next blog. Nothing to see here but the addle brained ramblings of a woman with a nasty head cold.

I have a cold. I am especially bummed because I have a cold when BJ is here. We are going tonight to the local theater to attend "This American Life" hosted by Ira Glass. If you don't know what or who that is then you aren't the NPR junkie that I am. I will make it there no matter what even if I can barely keep my eyes open and have to bring a wheelbarrow full of tissues to take care of my runny nose.

In other news, I stuck W last night with caring for N even though it wasn't his day to have N. I was sick. I needed sleep. I went to bed before 8:30. W was a bit put out, but who cares? He won't move his PC out of my house and was sitting at his PC yesterday evening doing whatever so I put him to use. So sue me.

It is May Day. I had completely forgotten until a coworker mentioned it being May 1. (Where did April go BTW?) Does anybody else remember as a kid exchanging May Day baskets with the neighbor kids, or was that just a local thing in the one small town in which I lived? The tulips were generally in bloom so I would stick one or two in each basket.

Peggle. If you haven't played it, try it. It's addictive. Sometimes I hate what a junkie I am for free web-based games.

See? You were warned in the title and the first line of the post. There was nothing of note here yet you read it anyway. Tsk, tsk. . .


freebird said...

Colds are indiscriminate bummers! I hope you enjoyed the "This Amer... thingy" anyway. Your post gets even more alien to an alien like me so I'll just say I'm glad you're back, I'm looking forward to more about you without W, and I'm off to find Peggle.

(Hey, you are still able to get into my cage, aren't you? Sometimes it decides to time-out on some people for no apparent reason.)

Bunny said...

Enjoy the This American Life thing tonight! I'd love to go, but too cheap to pay a babysitter (with Spousehole in S.C. now I can't just leave the kids with him).

April disappeared too fast, didn't it?

My mom is a Peggle addict, as is my nephew. I haven't played it because I would probably become addicted too.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Karin's Korner said...

Oh man I hate having a cold. Hope you get better soon. I also did May Day baskets, we would put them on the door step of our friends, ring the bell and run. How much fun was that?? The kids here in NC don't do that. I grew up in Minneapolis and in a small town in Iowa and we did it there. Happy May Day to you my friend.

Rambeau said...

One thing good came out of the shitstorm. My computer crashed a few weeks ago, and I had forgotten that I had read your blog awhile back. You reminded me via your comment to Mia.

Glad I found you again and you're still blogging! Best wishes with BJ.

Rambeau said...

P.S. Hope you're feeling better!

Trueself said...

FB - Ah well, occasionally I feel a bit alien at your blog too! Yes, I can still get into the cage and do although not frequently, and I'm afraid that I leave comments not at all. I'm so sorry for neglecting you. Once the dust settles on this living separate thing and having to do more myself I'll get back in the swing.

Bunny - Sorry you missed it last night. It was wonderful, as I knew it would be. I understand, though, about having to get babysitters. Maybe you can go next time they do something like it.

Karin - Oh good! Someone else who remembers May baskets. Maybe it's a northern thing? I don't know that anyone I knew in the south did it.

Rambeau - I'm glad you found me too. Welcome back!

As for all who wished me well with the cold, thank you. In some ways I'm better, if by better one means sounding as though one's words are dragged across sandpaper on the way out of one's throat. At least the runny nose isn't so bad now.