Friday, May 30, 2008

How Many Frustrating Things Can Happen to Trueself in One Morning?

Hmm, well let’s count them up, shall we?

Number 1 – Although N spent much of yesterday begging to go back to school (couldn’t because he hadn’t been fever free for 24 hours) he moaned and groaned and groused when I woke him this morning to go back to school. I will say though that once he remembered that today is “Fun Day” at school he changed his mind and stopped grumbling.

Number 2 – Running late for work and having had no breakfast I decided to pull into the clown’s fast food drive-thru to get a high fat, high sodium highly nutritious breakfast. They have one of those drive-thrus with two lanes. I picked the lane where apparently the person taking orders fell dead of a heart attack or had to take a pee or walked off the job or forgot they were working. The person in front of me was giving her order and the person on the other end just disappeared. After waiting a couple of minutes and calling out “Hello?” several times she drove out of the drive-thru line and pulled into a parking place. I was late enough at this point that I didn’t even attempt it, but just drove on thru and headed to the workplace. At 10:00 a.m. I still have had no breakfast but will probably give in and go get something sugary and calorie laden highly nutritious from the vending machine in the break room.

Number 3 – The project upon which I worked all day yesterday and am trying to finish this morning is a resource hog and bogging down my PC like crazy. I am writing this entry piecemeal during the waiting periods that I have every time I recalculate or save anything. It is frustrating because I can’t do any of my other work-related things during the waiting periods because while not huge resource drains they are enough to cause problems. So here I sit typing this entry in Word since it isn’t sucking up resources as badly. Oh good, it’s saved. Now I can go back to work for a while and continue this during the next interminable wait.

Number 4 – Fifteen minutes before a meeting my supervisor asks me to bring two extra copies of several reports, about 75 pages in all. I hurry to get these copies made in time for the meeting only to have him come and tell me that we have to postpone the meeting until later in the day.

Okay, that’s only four, not as bad as it felt. I’m okay. Breathe in, breathe out. I’m okay. Calm. Cool. Collected. Yes, everything is fine. I’m dandy.

Oh, remind me to give an update on the church situation. I attended a meeting last night. I’ll write a diatribe little post about it sometime this weekend.


Val said...

If I started typing all the frustrations of my day, I'm afraid I'd never stop...

Bunny said...

I hope things improved from this point. HUG

oldbear said...

Sorry to heat that Truey, you deserve better than such a horrid day!

Trueself said...

Val - Sorry to hear that. Frustrating days are never good.

Bunny - Thanks for the hug. I love a good hug, even a virtual one.

OB - Hey there stranger! Thought you'd given up on me. Thanks for letting me know you're still around.

oldbear said...

No way I would ever give up on you! I lurk a lot. Sometimes work and family get crazy and I forget to check 'My" blogs out. :-)

Trueself said...

OB - Glad to hear it. I'm trying not to give up on me too.