Friday, September 26, 2008

Not Politics Again?!?!? Yeah, Sorry

So I was reading an online discussion regarding the current state of things, little things like presidential campaigns and debates and the financial implosion that I could’ve told you would happen a while back if anybody had cared (I mean, after all, housing prices couldn’t possibly continue forever to climb like they were for a while; people were idiots to offer mortgages to other idiots who couldn’t afford them and to top it off with unrealistic terms; it was nuts; all I could do as Ms. Jane Q. Public was not indulge in the antics myself which I didn’t and therefore other than the thousands of dollars for which I as taxpayer will be on the hook to bail out the idiots I am coming through pretty well unscathed, including not having my portfolio tank recently due to having the world’s greatest financial advisor; anyway, back to the point of this here post following this closing parenthesis). I liked the following two comments in the discussion:

Commenter #1: The thing is, Obama could end up debating an empty chair, and Fox News would still have a dozen pundits in a row with talking points about how the chair actually won.

Commenter #2: "Face it, the chair was steady and unwavering, and as solid as oak. It didn't change its position one inch through the whole debate. Nobody can accuse that chair of being a waffle. And for a chair to debate a human -- what guts! What a MAVERICK that chair is!"

In the meantime, of course, the GOP is weeping. Because at the end of the day all McCain demonstrated was his ability to dart about madly from one stance to the next from one day to the next. The economy's rosy! The economy's cratering! I'm in the debate! I'm out of the debate! The papers are wrong, and the bailout bill isn't nearing agreement! The papers are wrong, and the bailout bill is nearing agreement! I'm in the debate!"

The way I look at it, this week proved that Palin wasn't the only one on the ticket who knows how to handle wildlife. Sarah Palin can field dress a moose, and John McCain can jump a shark.

Yep, that about says it all. Couldn’t have said it any better. I, for one, will be watching tonight’s debate with keen interest. Anyone else?


FTN said...

I'm afraid I have no interest whatsoever. I just haven't been able to build up the interest that everyone else has in following the campaign news so closely.

I care about politics, but not THAT much. It just seems I learn very little new about the frontrunners that I don't already know.

And you probably don't want to hear my opinion on Obama/McCain/Palin, because I would probably be in the minority around here. Maybe I need to write a political post sometime to get people all riled up at me. :-)

Fusion said...

I did, and I'll comment on it over at my place later.

I find the most all the bloggers that say they find this politicial season dull, boring, and uninteresting are surprisingly Republicans.

Go figure.

Did you hear about the bunch of Republicians in Washington state that are trying to get their names on the ballot with GOP Party, instead of Republican Party?

Sounds like they need a new party...

Val said...

I personally am ignoring all political debate until we get this damned election BEHIND US...
No offense guys! but I'm just sick & tired of it. "Political fatigue"

Trueself said...

FTN - I would actually be really very happy to hear your opinions on the election. I have yet to hear what I felt was a well thought out cogent arguement in favor of McCain/Palin. If anyone could bring one to the table, I would think it would be you.

Fuse - I find the most all the bloggers that say they find this politicial season dull, boring, and uninteresting are surprisingly Republicans.

Go figure.


Val - I'm starting to suffer a bit of political fatigue myself. However, every time I start to feel that way one candidate or another says something so ridiculous they draw me back into the fray.