Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

Learn more here.

In honor of today, go kiss a bisexual! They'll be flattered whether you're the same or opposite gender of them so you can't lose!

Who knew September had such cool holidays? First "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on September 19 and now "Celebrate Bisexuality Day" on September 23. This is definitely worth hosting a party next year with a bisexual pirate theme. I love it! I am so putting this on my calendar for next year. Party! Party! Party!


2amsomewhere said...

Hmmm... Never had heard of this day before reading this post.

After having answered 500 questions on OKCupid, I've found that when I throw the search wide open on age and location, the 7 out of 10 of my top-ten matches are bisexual. Unfortunately, most of the time those ads are of the "sorry boys, I'm looking for a gal right now" variety.

When I narrow the search to straight women 10 years on either side of my age and within 25 miles of my ZIP code, my highest match is 72%, and that doesn't really count because she hasn't logged in since Dec. 2006. I'm beginning to believe that I am too weird for this place.
I'm beginning to believe that I am too

Trueself said...

2am - I hadn't heard of it either, but someone from the bi group message board I frequent mentioned it on that day.

I find a lot of bi women are looking for women rather than men. It seems maybe that men are just too easy to find whereas women are not. That leads to an inequity in the whole supply and demand equation, particularly when the women are going off with each other when they can find each other and leaving the men to. . . hmm, to what? Dunno.