Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Facts I’m Pretty Sure Don’t Interest You

Random Fact #1
As I sat wondering why I had an uneasy feeling this morning I turned to my horoscope, and voila there it is:
You cannot put your finger on the source of your irritation today as the Moon in your 12th House of Secrets keeps something hidden from view. It feels important for you to find out what's missing, but the crucial information could elude your watchful eye. Instead of pushing for the truth, try accepting what you know while waiting for the rest to surface.

Yeah, I should have known it was that pesky Moon in my 12th House of Secrets.

Random Fact #2
I wore what I think of as my “tree outfit” today. Brown slacks (trunk of the tree) and green sweater (leaves) with embroidered flowers at the neckline. Do others think “tree” when they see me in this outfit? I doubt it.

Random Fact #3
N didn’t make a competitive basketball team for which he tried out last weekend. He and W were certain that he would make it. W chewed out the coach yesterday when the coach called to deliver the news. I, as always, am left to (1) tell N the bad news and (2) try to smooth things over with the coach who is a friend of mine and whose son is a friend of N’s.

Random Fact #4
I have a cold. In spite of feeling like I was coming down with this cold over the weekend, and in spite of being totally honest with BJ about that fact he continued to kiss me deeply and passionately at various times throughout the weekend risking his very health. Now that’s love.

Random Fact #5
I found one of my Illini t-shirts that had gone missing. Whose fault was it? Yeah, it was me. Just as I suspected. I put it away accidentally with N’s long sleeve shirts and found it when the weather was cold enough yesterday for me to get a long sleeve shirt out of his drawer for him to wear to school. There was the Chief’s final dance Illini shirt. Hmm, wonder where I’ll find the others?

Random Fact #6
I have no interest in politics today. They’ve worn me down and worn me out. Let’s just get to the election and get it over with, shall we? Thanks.


C-Marie said...

That damn Moon! You know? It's funny you bring that up, the horoscope and all... mine was very similar and so far, for the apst several days, what can go wrong, HAS GONE WRONG!! Ugh.

I hate colds... I've been wrestling with one I got about 3 weeks ago. I just can't shake it but a little nip of irish whiskey in a hot spot of tea, works very nice at bedtime. (add a teaspoon of honey)

I agree... let's just get on with the election!


Fusion said...

Hope you feel better True, and BJ stays well.

Buttafly32681 said...

Feel better soon! :)

Trueself said...

C-Marie - Hope things are looking up for you. I think they are for me, as long as disaster isn't lurking around the next corner (always a possibility).

Fuse - It turned out to be a light cold, and BJ never got it at all so all is well.

Buttafly - Thank you, I do!