Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things That Make Me Chuckle

  1. In our resource listing at work we have a “Loner Laptop.” I’m not sure if that means that only loners get to use it, or if it is the laptop itself that is a loner in which case it probably doesn’t like anyone using it. . .

  2. At soccer practice when the coaches yell at the boys to “keep track of your balls.” (Yeah, I’m juvenile that way.)

  3. In and Out Burger, a fast food chain on the west coast, and Kum and Go, a chain of gas stations in the Midwest (IA in particular).

  4. When N tells me how immature other kids his age are (because, obviously, he’s the poster boy for maturity; yeah that’s the ticket).

  5. The diversity training at my workplace, not because it isn’t needed, but because of the lame way they are doing it and also at how surprised management was when they surveyed the staff on diversity issues and found out how badly it was needed.


Desmond Jones said...

Several years ago, we had a mandatory 'Sexual Harrassment' class at work, and the boss said, "Guys - it ain't a 'how-to' class, OK?"

Stinkypaw said...

I'm junevile "that" way too.

Today I was told "Nice of you to come" and I answered "It's always fun to come!"

Fusion said...

In and Out used to have bumper stickers with their name on it. In and Out was on the top line, with Burger below it. Many people would cut off the "b" and "r" on the burger before putting it on their cars...

Funny thing, I just ate there tonight!

First time I ever saw a Kum and Go store I couldn't believe it... laughed like crazy.

Trueself said...

Des - Yeah, well, I doubt too many would need a "how to" on that topic. It seems to come naturally.

SP - Sounds like something I would say!

Fuse - Makes you wonder what the owners of these places were thinking when they named 'em.