Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fairly Apt Analysis

The following description of me, a first born child, comes from this site which I found by reading a post over at Phyllis Renée's blog. I find the description of the typical first born to be pretty accurate in describing me in a lot of ways. It isn't right on in all areas but darned if it doesn't get most of them right on the button.

The first born is an only child until the second child comes to take away mother's attention. The only becomes a first born feeling there is no love for him or her.
Characteristic Bad Feeling: Guilt
Strategies for survival: Placating, Covering Up
Felt Loss: Love
Sense of Justice: People should get what they deserve
Thought Pattern: Research
T-shirt: "I don't know, what do you think?"
Childhood Behavior: Demanding, Show off
Emotional Expression: Flat
Source of Anger: Lack of Respect
Nature of Humor: Teasing
Means of Relating: Placating
Spirituality: Relational
Relational: Fears others may be offended, Placater
The Child Within: Abandoned
Type of Procrastination: Dreaming instead of doing
Blind spot: Own thoughts, feelings, desires
Boundaries: Others have absolute boundaries
A walk in the woods: Plunges into the woods pursuing distant goal
Careers: Business, Research, Counseling, Promotion, Speaking
Strengths: Goal-setting, Compromise, Leadership
Parenting: Directs children towards goals
Marriage: Goes along with what partner wants
As Friend: Compromising, Serving
Social Contributions: Discoveries, Information, Dreams
Expression of Love: Agreement
Driving Style: As if everyone is out to get him or her
Common Phrase: "I don't know"
Responds To: "You may not agree with this, but...."


Val said...

Thanks for posting this - it gives me some more insight into P...

Sailor said...

Interesting; Have you read "The Birth Order Book"? I haven't personally, but one of my sister-in-laws found it uncannily accurate.