Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feeling Particularly Grinchy and Scroogelike

Not in a good mood. Not feeling that joyous Christmas spirit. At this point, ready to have Christmas over and done with. Let’s move on to a new year, a better year than this one has been, ‘kay?

Frustrating, perplexing, not-quite-right things that exist right now:
  1. Stupid wet, icy weather is getting me down. I slipped and slid as I walked from car to office this morning. Don’t even want to make the return trip when I leave work.

  2. My house is a mess, and I don’t feel up to making it presentable for a proper Christmas celebration.

  3. I’ve needed to go grocery shopping all week but have let the stupid weather prevent it. Now I have to do it this afternoon, at the last minute. Yuck.

  4. J wants me to meet him for dinner one night while I’m at my parents’ this weekend. There’s a part of me that actually wants to do so. I don’t like that part of me so very much.

  5. Was going to wrap presents last night, but N was so miserable at W’s that I rescued him and had him at home with me last night so I still need to wrap presents after I promised myself I wouldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to do it again this year.

  6. Even though Q has rented a house she is still living at W’s with him. She has, however, moved her dog into her house. WTF?

  7. Trying hard not to get sucked into the role of evil ex bitching about every little thing about new girlfriend. However, it is a role I seem destined to fill. I hate her. I hate every little giggly thing she does. I hate that she is making life even harder for N when he is with W.


Val said...

That's alright honey - I still reserve the right to bitch about MY ex's GF, esp since he has not bothered to "legitimacize" their relationship...
[not to mention I also have to rush home & wrap a pile o' presents, after a couple of stops for last-minute items...]
Happy holidays!

Karin's Korner said...

Talk to your attorney. You can make it so that W has to spend time alone without the new girlfriend when N is with him. If she is making N miserable and taking time away from him and his dad, then she needs to be out of the picture for a while, so that all the attention is on N when it needs to be. Since they are not married, I think you can arrange that with your attorney.

AND ~ if that makes you the "evil X bitch" so be it. This is for N, and his FATHER should want to spend time alone with him. Shame on W.

Val said...

Maybe ya'll can get away w/that in IL, but here in TX I can no more dictate my ex's social schedule (i.e. whom he associates w/, as long as there aren't any CONVICTED FELONS) than I can change the pull of the earth's gravitational field...
Your legal fees might be better spent insisting on some family conflict-resolution counseling (not that it did much for us either, but still!)