Monday, December 08, 2008

Frosted and Glazed

There are times when things that are frosted or glazed are just fabulous:

Frosty cold mug for root beer? Awesome

Glazed doughnuts? Yummy

Chocolate frosted cake? Delicious

Frosted glass to retain privacy while letting light into the bathroom? I am totally down with that

Then there are times when it just doesn’t work so well:

Frost covered windshield? Pain in the ass

Icy glazed streets, sidewalks and parking lots? Treacherous, and can be a literal pain in the ass if you don’t watch your step.

Welcome to my morning. . .
(No, I didn’t fall, but it took me forever to walk from my car to the building when I got to work. On the way to work I saw the aftermath of three different accidents, and as I drove by the local junior high watched several students sliding and falling on the sidewalk, some deliberately, some accidentally. Give me a foot of snow any day over this hovering-at-freezing-icy-cold-rain-maybe-sleet.)


Bunny said...

While I do miss snow and cold air down here in South Carolina, I absolutely do not miss icy roads (and cars and driveways and windows). Icy trees I do miss, but the rest of the ice, not so much. I hope the Midwestern weather clears a bit for our quick dash north for Christmas and back to South Carolina.

I hope your weather improves immensely as well and that overall the winter is mild. Be careful out there!

Val said...

Now I don't feel so bad - I thought it was only idiotic TEXAS drivers that completely lost their driving skills/coordination when the [rare, thank GOD!] ice storm hits...

Fusion said...

Yeah, old man winter can take that kind of frosting and glaze and shove it up his... well you get the picture, ay?

I'm with you and taking the snow anytime.

Sailor said...

I'm with you, on preferring snow to the ice we get here. I grew up in Minnesota- bring on the blizzards!

But here in NY state, we get the frozen rain that glazes everything, and is so dang dangerous.

Glad you didn't fall though!

Desmond Jones said...

Absolutely with you re the ice glaze. . .

You know, growing up Up North, we had lots and LOTS of snow, but hardly ever got that freezing-rain stuff that leaves everything encased in a quarter-inch of ice. But down in the southern part of our state, it seems like we get caught on that boundary line between water and ice WAY more often. Every year we get at least one of those ice storms, it seems. . .

Trueself said...

Bunny - Icy trees are absolutely beautiful. I love them too, particularly if I can just stay home and look at them while safe and sound in my warm house.

Val - I spent one winter in Texas, Dallas to be exact, and I remember the chaos caused by their one snowstorm that year. I believe they got a whopping two inches, and nobody could drive in it. That was freakin' hilarious to me, having grown up in central Illinois where snow in winter is as common as leaves in fall.

Fuse - You said it. Take this ice and shove it!

Sailor - Living on the cusp of freezing is, I think, much more difficult than either warmer or colder weather.

Des - I have a hard time thinking of any part of your state as the southern part, but I know what you mean.