Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eh, So Much for That

So my Friday liaison didn’t work out. We emailed back and forth that morning, were supposed to meet for lunch near my work. I suggested 11:30. We agreed. Shortly before 11:00 he emailed asking could we meet at 11:00. I agreed, left work and walked to the restaurant. He emailed back that he couldn’t make it and could we meet at 12:30. I emailed back saying no, I’m already here at the restaurant and have to be back at work in an hour. Could we meet after work for drinks, I asked. Ok, he said, email me when you get off work.

Later that afternoon he emailed and asked when I would be available to play. I told him my weekend schedule and said I still wanted to meet in a public place first. He suggested 6:45 that evening at a local bar. I said sure (not thrilled with the bar he chose but only because it’s way over on the other side of town).

He was very persistent about asking if I was 420 friendly in several of his emails. Yes, I told him repeatedly. I’m not really into it myself so much but have no problems with people who are. I suspect he worried that I was a narc or something. I told him I would partake some but not a whole lot because it’s been years since I’ve even been around it. I figured a few drags on a joint would ease his mind and not be the worst thing in the world I could do.

My plan was to drop N off at the movies for a group date, meet up with the new guy for drinks and whatever, and then go pick N up after the movie.

And then…

I get home and announce my plan, substituting going Christmas shopping in the narrative where the clandestine meeting was going to happen. W wanted to go Christmas shopping too and to take me out to dinner. I said maybe I was going to be shopping for him, and gave him a big grin. He said that was ok, that he would go shop in another part of the store or mall or whatever. He just wanted to go out that night… with me. Internally, I debated how far to push. Was it the guilt over what I was really doing that kept me from pushing back? No, not really though that may have played a part. Mostly what made me acquiesce is that under any other circumstance I would acquiesce to avoid having to deal with the pouting self pity party W would engage in for the rest of the weekend if I didn’t give in to him. I feared it would throw too much suspicion on me if I stood my ground because it is so out of character.

So I emailed the new guy my regrets that I couldn’t get away from W that night, and we’d have to do it another time.

And I haven’t heard from him since. So I figure I blew that one big time. I might try to contact him in the next week or two if I have some free time and see if something will work out, but I’m not holding my breath.

One another note, I’ve had a sore throat for over a week now. I intended to go to the convenient care clinic after work yesterday, but as luck would have it, N needed a ride to a neighboring town for the girls regional basketball tournament. I had forgotten I’d promised to take him (before I knew the sore throat was going to become a long-term condition), but I had and I decided to keep my word. I may do the clinic thing today during my lunch hour… or I may just die weeks or months from now of some horribly debilitating throat disease that was never diagnosed because I couldn’t find time to get to the doctor. :-/

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Val said...

You didn't blow it honey, he did!
Sounds like he got cold feet...