Monday, November 19, 2012

Let Us Give Thanks

Thank goodness I see Freud today instead of the usual Wednesday (thanks Thanksgiving for making this shift necessary long in advance before I knew what a state I'd be in today).

J is playing me.  J is playing me really, really well.  Even though I can see he's playing me I am hanging in there.  I hang in because J gives me jussssssssssssst enough to make me delude myself that there's a chance.  Oh yes, J is playing me like a well tuned fiddle, and I keep letting it happen.

And now... now I'm starting to have stalkerish thoughts about J.  C'mon Trueself, do not turn into a stalker.  Do not go that crazy.  Given that J is a corrections officer and knows how to deal with scary criminal types, I really do not need to go all stalkerish crazy on him.  Really bad idea.  Really bad...

Since Friday night, I have thought of nothing except what I want to talk to Freud about today.  Too bad we only have an hour...

1 comment:

Val said...

What IS it about my friends picking losers?!?!?
(My friend L is dating an ex-con who was...a corrupt cop! Hey, I'm all for second chances, reform & repentance, but this guy gives off some Bad Vibes...)